Photo by P. Gallos


   For more than twenty years, the weaving traditions from around the world, both ancient and contemporary, have been the springboard of my own weaving path.   The rugs from the nomadic weavers of the Middle East, the woolen wares from Ireland & Scandinavia, the beautiful alpaca textiles of Peru and the strong weaving tradition of the American Southwest have all called to me and inspired me. I feel what these cultures all have in common are their strong ties to their landscape as well as their tradition of shepherding their fiber animals, which immerses them in the rhythms of life and death that are inherent in such a lifestyle. I have also been immersed in this cycle.  For most of my weaving career I have raised sheep to produce the wool for my tapestries. The name Four Directions Weaving honors these diverse weaving cultures as well as acts as a powerful symbol for my own sense of place, finding the balance between the attributes of north & south, east & west; warp and weft...

     I envision my tapestries as maps of my spiritual journey. The topography is both an external terrain of the mountains and wilderness where I live as well as an internal landscape of meditations and dreams. The lustrous fiber from rare breeds of sheep and the traditional dyes from plants that I use to color their wool are important elements in my weaving.  Many of my tapestries incorporate symbols such as petroglyphs, runes and I Ching hexagrams.  ”Found” objects of stone, feather & beads often find their way into my work.



aaaAlong with my Artwork, I also weave several lines of functional textiles, including handbags, scarves & shawls.  The line of handbags I create use the wool from the historic ‘Churro’ sheep of the Southwest.  This specialty yarn is spun and dyed here in New Mexico.  Yarns for the scarves and shawls are all chosen for their beauty as well as for their eco-friendliness and may include silk, tencel and alpaca fibers. Please visit my etsy page and find out more..





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